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Service description
The account to which you want to attract an audience simulates viewing the stories of other users on its own behalf - the target audience.

Owners of accounts, seeing that someone has viewed their stories, open the list of viewers out of curiosity and see the account from which they were viewed.

Due to the ability to process a huge amount of target audience (more than a million accounts) in a day, such actions can give a significant influx of new users, potential customers and improve the statistics of the account as a whole, because Instagram takes into account the high interest of other users when ranking media promoted profile in search results.

Normal conversion 0.5% of viewed accounts come to your account
Нow much is it
Per a million viewed stories per month

(The final price will be known after collecting your base)
How it works
Leave your contact details
The target audience
Fill in data about your business to collect the target audience
After collecting the base will become clear the amount of payment
Start looking
The next 30 days your customers will come to your instagram
It is legal?
We act solely in the interests of users and follow all the rules of the community instagram
How to convert traffic to sales?
To increase conversion, we recommend to bring your account in the appropriate form:
- add avatar
- add your offer to the search bar
- fill the description with key benefits
- offer a bonus until the end of the month
- place a link to your product / service
Daily viewing limit
With our service you can view stories of more than one million users per day.
An example of calculating the price
For example, after filling out the questionnaire of your target audience, we have collected 6 million accounts - this is your base.

$ 30 x 6 = $ 180 per month
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